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MOU signed between PASO and CASSOS

15 October 2010 - Following am official request from the Carribean Community (CARICOM) in November 2009 to PASO, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed on 1st October between PASO and the Carribean Aviation Safety and Security Oversight System (CASSOS). The MOU with PASO is for a closer cooperation and ties as small island states working together to achieve similar goals. This is a very positive step for the two organizations to ensure they work in tandem swapping information and learning for each other on what they do as aviation safety and security oversight institutions.










CASSOS Chairman Mr. A.E.Archer (L)and PASO Chairmain Mr. Wilson Sagati (R) sign MOU while the PASO GM Mr. Seiuli Alvin Tuala looks on

The Caribbean is a region of small island states like the Pacific and share many common problems and hurdles. Accordingly, the two organizations have many lessons to share with each other in areas of aviation safety and security.


PASO 23 August 2010 - Friday, 20th August 2010 marked a significant new development and an historic event in the Aviation industry of Vanuatu.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Vanuatu (CAAV) with the technical assistance from Pacific Aviation Safety Office (PASO) launched the Vanuatu License for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AMEL).

In 2001, Vanuatu adopted the New Zealand Civil Aviation Rules which guided the Authority in regulating the aviation industry in Vanuatu. With the launching of AMEL, Vanuatu now has a national Vanuatu licence for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. “There is still some work to do, but we are happy that we are now able to issue our own licences here in Vanuatu and eventually we will be able to carry this work forward into other areas of aviation” says Mr. Donald Wouloseje, Director of Civil Aviation Authority of Vanuatu.

The local airlines see this achievement as a breakthrough in terms of cost cutting for those pursuing a license in the field of aviation engineering which has been very costly to do externally.

The General Manager of PASO, Seiuli Alvin Tuala, praised CAAV for the achievement of the AMEL and added that “PASO has been working with the Solomon Islands and had their AMEL launched and PASO is providing similar assistance to the other PASO states, in line with the harmonization process that the region has been pursuing for the last ten years as directed by Forum Civil Aviation Ministers”.

PASO Hosts two ICAO Courses in Port Vila, Vanuatu

PASO 23 July 2010 - The Pacific Aviation Safety Office (PASO), in conjunction with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), is currently holding two (2) training courses in Port Vila, Vanuatu for the PASO member states in the region. These training courses are the first of its kind to be conducted between ICAO and PASO.










Course participants including Capt Shah (far left) and Mr Lambo (second at the far right on the second row).

The first course is on the requirements for Foreign Air Operators Certification (FAOC) that started on Monday 19th July and ended yesterday afternoon, Wednesday 21st July. The course was conducted by Cpt Fareed Ali Shah of the ICAO regional office in Bangkok, Thailand, and its aim was to equip Pacific states with the necessary skills to check foreign aircrafts that come to our states to ensure compliance with ICAO and international standards.

Participants of the course received Certificate of Completion at the end of the first course yesterday afternoon at Chantilly’s Hotel. The certificates were presented to participants by the Director General of the Ministry of Transport & Public Utility, Mr. Jotham Napat.

The second part of the training is the Seminar/Workshop on the “Establishment and Management of a State’s Safety Oversight System” that starts this morning, Thursday 22nd July and ends on Tuesday 27th July and is conducted by Mr. Roger Lambo from the Implementation Support and Development Branch of ICAO head-office in Montreal, Canada.

The objective of this Seminar/Workshop is to enhance participants’ knowledge on safety oversight of civil aviation activities and ICAO provisions with emphasis on main aspects related to effectiveness, accountability, sustainability, delegation and tasks, and planning of activities and resources.

These two training courses are designed to assist States to strengthen their Safety Oversight capabilities and to enable their compliance with the international standards and recommendations of ICAO. The provision of these two training courses is therefore an expression of ICAO’s continued support to the Pacific Island States in the implementation of their safety oversight obligations under the Chicago Convention.

The delivery of the courses in collaboration with PASO also constitutes an example of ICAO’s support to Regional Safety Oversight Organizations and the important role that they play in enhancing aviation safety on behalf of their member states”, Mr. Lambo explained at the start of the course this morning.

PASO AGM - May 2010

PASO 15 May 2010 - PASO just held its annual general meeting (AGM) from the 10th - 12th of May 2010 at its head office in Port Vila, Vanuatu. Participants from all members states and other stakeholders were present at the meeting which ended on the 12th May 2010.

An ICAO representative Li Peng based in Bangkok, Thailand, who attended the meeting did a short presentation which gave an insight on the industry in the region compared to the global industry.

Korea Transport Institute (KOTI) Officials meet with PASO

PASO 13 April 2010 - Sung-Yeoul Oh, Chief of Airport Planning at Korea Transport Institute (KOTI) Air Transport Research Department led a team of officials to Vanuatu to meet with aviation industry personel as well as a visit to PASO head office. KOTI is the official research agency for the government of the Republic of Korea that makes policy about railway, highway and traffic safety and air transport.

Their main intention to visit Vanuatu is to observe the domestic air transport system, which they plan to introduce as part of Korea's mid and long term plan regarding air transport development. The development includes constructing and managing new small sized airports to connect flights between the main airports and the new small sized airports in other parts of Korea.

Meeting with the PASO inspectors they discussed the role of PASO in the region regarding aviation safety and security surveillance activities for member states. The KOTI officials also met with the Civil Aviation Authority Vanuatu, Air Vanuatu, Airports Vanuatu Limited, and a visit to Lenakel Aerodrome on Tanna Island in the Vanuatu group. The team then left for Fiji to observe the domestic air transport system there.

The KOTI officials include Yeon Myung Kim, Director - KOTI, Sung Yeoul Oh, Chief of Airport Planning - KOTI, Kyu-Hwan Lim, Deputy General Manager - Daewoo Engineering Company and Seok Joon Yoon, General Manager - Moon Engineering.

PASO to host two ICAO Courses in July 2010

PASO 15 April 2010 - PASO will host two ICAO courses toward the end of July 2010. The first is the Foreign Air Operator Certification (FAOC) course which is a 3 day course on the second part of July. The training will be provided by the ICAO regional office in Bangkok (one instructor).

The second course (5 days) will be held after the FAOC course entitled Establishment and Management of a Safety Oversight Audit System. The objective of the course is to develop participants capability for the establishment and management of a State or Regional Safety Oversight System, and enhance participants knowledge on the activities of a safety oversight system and ICAO provisions on the subject. Emphasis will be on main aspects related to effectiveness, accountability, sustainability, delegation of tasks and planning of activities and resources.

The course will provide participants with the understanding and knowledge of:

  1. The Critical Elements of Safety Oversight System (Doc. 9734 A and B)
  2. The establishment and implementation of a States safety oversight system taking into consideration States activities and basic business rules.
  3. The processes and procedures for certification, surveillance and enforcement activities by the State.
  4. The principles to be applied in establishing a State and/or Regional Safety Oversight System (effectiveness, accountability, consistency, sustainability, etc).

This course will enable participants to gain a better understanding of the topics being discussed, including how to implement these issues/concepts. Furthermore, there is an exam at the end of the course and participants who pass the exam will receive an ICAO certificate. For more information on the courses please email info@paso.aero

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