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PASO is responsible for regional aviation safety and security oversight for its members. Our core services include:

▪ Airworthiness;
▪ Aerodromes;
▪ Aviation Security;
▪ Flight Operations; and
▪ Personnel Licensing for these disciplines.

▪ Air Navigation Services

▪ Accident Investigation- Annex 13


Our primary goal is to provide in the long term an improvement in quality and extension of these services, at a lower total cost than would have to be paid by the industry and member states for these services.

PASO carries out audits and inspections through its inspectors, and submits the reports to the national authorities. These reports identify deficiencies and set out the required remedial steps and alternate remedial steps. Once recommendations are accepted and enforced by the national authority, their implementation will be continuously monitored by PASO until full compliance has been achieved. These audits and inspections are undertaken in accordance with the legal environment of the state of operation, using local regulations and ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) as the base materials.

For PASO service queries email services@paso.aero

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